JavaScript and JQuery Training CD Course


JavaScript and JQuery Training CD Course


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Learn JavaScript and JQuery - A must have training for every web developers!

Mastering JavaScript/JQuery is a must have, step-by-step narrated simulation for the beginner, as well as a handy reference tool for professional interactive web programmers.

Each of the lessons and examples will help you to quickly grasp the ideas and understand the concepts in JavaScript, so that you can use and apply them to your won real-world projects.




Lessons Included:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Javascript
Lesson 2: Data type overview
Lesson 3: Comparison, operators and conditional statements
Lesson 4: Loops
Lesson 5: Functions
Lesson 6: Objects


Lesson 2-1:Why use JQuery?
Lesson 2-2: Selecting DOM Elements
Lesson 2-3: Some Useful DOM Traversal Methods
Lesson 2-4: Adding Elements to the DOM
Lesson 2-5: Event Handlers
Lesson 2-6: Getting and Setting Element Contents
Lesson 2-7: Animated Using JQuery
Lesson 2-8: Ajax !


  • Master JavaScript Web Programming Quickly and Easily
  • Follow Step-by-Step Narrated Instructions
  • Learn Special Problems Solving and Techniques
  • Work with Dynamic Simulations, Not Sequential Static Displays
  • Up to 20X Faster than Learning from a Book
  • Training Time: Approximately 8 Hours

Contents Include:

  • CD-ROM 


Specs and Support


System Requirements:

Windows OS or Others:

Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
10MB free disk space

If you have Windows 98 or later, the CD will run without additional installation



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