CSS and HTML Training CD Course


CSS and HTML Training CD Course


Mastering CSS & HTML (beginner/intermediate edition) is a must-have essential all-in-one training for Web developers, Web animation and multimedia developers. This step-by-step tutorial is a a quick and easy way to create web pages and manage its appearance with the use of HTML and CSS rules. In each lesson, we will show you how to use the rule, write an example and display the result in the web browser. By doing this, you can immediately understand how to apply the rule to your own project. In addition, this tutorial will guide you to design two CSS web pages by using the knowledge that you have learned. Quick reference guide is provided for you to review the CSS rules after the training.

* Easy to follow Step-by-step Instructions
* Full screen for maximum viewing
* Clear narrated instruction makes learning a snap
* Interact with program to retain maximum learning
* Learn faster and retain more compared to a book or video.

Content: Mastering CSS & HTML CD-ROM

Lesson Topics: 
Lesson 1: Overview of CSS
Lesson 2: HTML basics
Lesson 3: CSS structure & Implementation into HTML
Lesson 4: Inheritance & Change Text
Lesson 5: Modifying Font
Lesson 6: Modifying Background
Lesson 7: Modifying Element Visibility
Lesson 8: Modifying Element Border
Lesson 9: Modifying Element Size
Lesson 10: Modifying Element Position
Lesson 11: Modifying Padding
Lesson 12: Modifying Margin
Lesson 13 Modifying list style markers
Lesson 14: Use of pseudo-classes and pseudo elements
Lesson 15: Changing element displays

CSS Web Sample 1

CSS Web Sample 2

Quick HTML & CSS Reference Guide

System Requirements:
Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
24x CD-ROM driver
1024 x 768 Monitor resolution

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