Corel Draw X3 Basic and Advanced Training CD Course


Corel Draw X3 Basic and Advanced Training CD Course


Product Details

Put the Corel DRAW X3 to work for you in a few hours! 

  • Unlock the full potential of CorelDRAW X3 in 24 hours.
  • Learn how to create impressive illustrations.
  • Learn how to create professional-looking page layouts.
  • Step-by-step instructions with clear voice.
  • Full screen display for easy viewing.
  • Player control for easy navigation.
  • Total of 24 hours of training time for beginner and advance.

Amazing eLearning presents the complete self-study course for CorelDRAW X3. This is an instructional training program that offers a quick and easy method for harnessing the vast potential of the CorelDRAW X3 graphic design applications. Whether you work in advertising, printing, publishing, sign making, and manufacturing, this tutorial will help you create accurate and creative illustratiions and professional-looking page layouts. You will spend your time studying and learning the material by following our lessons. In addition, you can study as quickly or slowly you need to. By the time you are ready to find a better job or launch a new project. You will have all the tools, experience and knowledge needed for success. 

Why our amazing elearning technology allows you to learn Word 2007 in a few hours? 

  • Each step comes with voice, text, hightlighted box, and mouse activity.
  • Crystal clear audio delivered by professional narrator.
  • Texts are written and edited by professional editor.
  • Mouse motion to draw your attention.
  • Highlighted box to show you exactly where to click.
  • Easy navigation to each topic.
  • Playback controller to move a slide forward, backward and stop.
  • Full-size screen display for maximum viewing (1024 x 768).
  • Side-by-side learning and doing - best for using the Word 2007 and tutorial at the same time.



Training Level: Basic to Advance

Table of contents

Basic Level

Introduction to Corel Draw X3 Bitmap vs. Vector

Lesson 1: Interface

1.1 Corel DRAW X3 navigator of the interface New

1.2 Setting up a document page

1.3 Six viewing modes

1.4 Adjusting computer memory usage and auto-backup settings

1.5 Opening and saving file options

Lesson 2: Basic Operation of Objects (Vector Image)

2.1 Selecting and viewing objects

2.2 Moving and duplicating objects

2.3 Reshaping objects by changing size, Skewing, Rotating and Mirroring

Lesson 3: Managing Multiple Objects

3.1 Arranging the order of the objects

3.2 Grouping, combining, and locking object

3.3 Using Object Manager New

3.4 Aligning and distributing multiple group of objects

3.5 How to set up guideline

3.6 Using the dimensional tool

3.7 Using grids

3.8 Aligning objects to grid

3.9 Using dynamic guides

Lesson 4: Creating and Editing Object Shape

4.1 Filling object with color

4.2 Using Rectangle Tool, the Ellipse Tool and the Polygon Tool New

4.3 Using basic shape tools

4.4 Using filleting, scalloping and chamfering corners New

4.5 Creating a perspective

4.6 Transforming objects

4.7 Reshaping objects using interactive envelope tool

4.8 Using interactive distortion tools

4.9 Creating irregularly shaped objects

4.10 Using Smart tool

4.11 Using Cropping, splitting and erasing New

Lesson 5: Working with text and effects

5.1 Insert text

5.2 Formatting text

5.3 Fit text to path New

Intermediate Level

Lesson 6: Advance Editing and Creating object

6.1 Drawing lines with freehand tool

6.2 Using Bezier tool and pen tool

6.3 Drawing close path object

6.4 Combining use of line and property bar

6.5 Convert Objects to Curve

6.6 Edit a vector image and use nodes editing tools New

6.7 Use reduced nodes to simply an object New

6.8 Join two nodes and make a curve a closed object

6.9 Use Elastic Mode to adjust the distance between nodes proportionately

6.10 Use the Knife and Eraser to Shape Objects

6.11 Use the Smudge Brush Tool and the Roughen Brush Tool to Shape Objects

6.12 Use the Contour Tool to create similar objects

6.13 Convert objects into symbols and use Symbol Library Docker

Lesson 7: Advanced Color Filling

7.1 Using multiple color palettes

7.2 Using Outline Pen Dialog

7.3 Using Uniform fills

7.4 Using Fountain fills

7.5 Using Pattern fills

7.6 Using Texture fills

7.7 Using PostScript fills

7.8 Using Color Docker Window

7.9 Using Interactive Fill Tool

7.10 Using Smart Fill Tool New

7.11 Customizing color filling system

7.12 Using Interactive Transparency Tool

7.13 Using Interactive Blend Tool

7.14 Using Drop Shadow Tool

7.15 Using PowerClip

7.16 Using interactive fill and Interactive Mesh Fill tool

7.17 Using Eyedropper Tool and Paint Bucket Tool

Lesson 8: Creating Outlines with Special Effects

8.1 Using Contour to create outline

8.2 Converting outline to object

8.3 Using Artistic Media Tool to Create vector objects

8.4 Using Artistic Media effect to modify lines and objects

8.5 Creating Bevel Effects New

Lesson 9: Creating Eye-catching Texts with Special Effects

9.1 Using interactive Drop Shadow to create text with shadow

9.2 Creating a tube light effect

9.3 Creating a contour text

9.4 Creating Metallic Effects

9.5 Metallic text effect

9.6 Using symbol as object

9.7 Using Extrude Tool to create 3D object

Lesson 10: Importing, Adjusting and Exporting Bitmap Images

10.1 Adjusting and transforming objects with Lens tool

10.2 Importing bitmap images

10.3 Using the image adjustment lab New

10.4 Using the bitmap color mask

10.5 Converting a bitmap image to vector image with PowerTrace New

10.6 Exporting bitmap images to variety of formats

Specs and Support

Total training time: ~24 hours
Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case) 

System Requirements: 
Platform:  Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X


Technical Support:

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