Adobe Photoshop Element 5.0 CD Course


Adobe Photoshop Element 5.0 CD Course


Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Full Version Training Tutorial

Includes a Free Object CD




Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (Full Version)  is a quick and easy way to unlock the new features of Adobe Photoshop Element. You can learn how to take a snapshot and turn into a perfect picture. Fix the red eye in a snap. Manage your photo album and share your slideshow with your families and friends.


New improved interactivity and full screen display to maximize your learning!

Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with Photoshop Elements

  • Launch Photoshop Elements
  • Creating a new catalog
  • Getting photos from a digital camera or card reader
  • Getting photos from files and folders
  • Organizer vs. the Editor
  • Viewing tags
  • Viewing photos at full screen or side-by-side
  • Creating a greeting card
  • Capturing still frames from a video
  • Using Adobe Photoshop Elements Help
  • Using the How To palette

Lesson 2: Organizing and Sharing Photos

  • Dragging photos from Windows Explorer
  • Searching for photos to add
  • Importing from a scanner
  • Using watched folders
  • Using Photo Browser view
  • Using Date view
  • Using stacks
  • Creating Picture Packages
  • Working with version sets
  • To remove red eye in the Photo Browser
  • Finding photos using details and metadata
  • Viewing and managing files by their folder location
  • Creating new categories and sub-categories
  • Applying and editing category assignments
  • Creating and applying tags to photos
  • Converting tags and categories
  • Using tags to find pictures
  • Automatically finding faces for tagging
  • Finding photos with visual similarity
  • Using photo mail
  • Sharing photos online
  • Printing
  • Printing a contact sheet
  • Burning photos to CD or DVD

Lesson 3: Sharing Creations

  • Using the Slide Show Editor
  • Adding text, graphics, audio, and narration to photos in the slide show
  • Applying transitions
  • Panning and zooming
  • Reordering slides
  • Choosing an output option for your slideshow
  • Saving your slideshow

Lesson 4: Adjusting Color in Images

  • Quick Fix multiple files as a batch
  • Adding the corrected files to the Organizer
  • Opening image files for Quick Fix editing
  • Use Smart Fix
  • Applying other automatic fixes
  • Duplicating an image file
  • Automatically fixing color
  • Applying further changes to automatically fixed images
  • Combining automatic fix and manual image corrections
  • Comparing results
  • Adjusting skin tones
  • Fixing red eye
  • Darkening reflective animal eyes
  • Using the Navigator palette
  • Restoring surface highlights
  • Using the Selection Brush Tool
  • Editing a saved selection
  • Using the Magic Selection Brush Tool
  • Setting up layers
  • Saving a selection
  • Replacing color
  • Saving and organizing finished files
  • Setting up color management

Lesson 5: Fixing Exposure Problems

  • Brightening an underexposed image
  • Using blending modes to fix a faded image
  • Adjusting shadows and highlights manually
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast manually
  • Adjusting levels
  • Creating adjustment layers for lighting
  • Applying an adjustment layer to a limited area
  • Comparing results
  • Creating a selection
  • Refining and saving a selection
  • Correcting an overexposed areas of the image
  • Correcting an underexposed area with other blending modes
  • Adding more intensity

Lesson 6: Repairing and Retouching Images

  • Straightening an image
  • Using the Magic Extractor to remove a background
  • Merging photos into a panorama
  • Cropping images
  • Using the Healing Brush Tool
  • Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • Using the Blur Tool
  • Removing specs and scratches in your photo
  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool

Lesson 7: Working with Text

  • Using the Organizer to find and open tagged files
  • Adding an uneven border
  • Adding a decorative border
  • Formatting and adding a text layer
  • Editing text
  • Saving your work file
  • Drawing custom shapes
  • Adding text over a custom shape
  • Creating a new document
  • Adding embossed text to images
  • Saving images for Web use
  • Warping and styling text
  • Simplifying and applying a pattern to text
  • Hiding and revealing layers to review versions
  • Using Layer Styles to create animations
  • Adding effects to text
  • Merging layers
  • Animating layers

Lesson 8: Combining Multiple Images

  • Copying from one image into another
  • Cropping to synchronize dimensions of two photos
  • Combining pictures and resizing the canvas
  • Using rulers and grids
  • Erasing areas of image layers
  • Using a gradient clipping path
  • Applying the clipping path to a layer
  • Creating a clean edge with defringing

Lesson 9: Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Adjusting exposure
  • Using histograms to adjust shadows and highlights
  • Using Set Gray Point
  • Applying the Unsharp Mask filter
  • Creating effects with the filter gallery




  • Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

  • Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
  • 32MB RAM

  • 10MB free disk space

  • 24x CD-ROM


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