Adobe Creative Suite 2 Bundle Training CD Courses


Adobe Creative Suite 2 Bundle Training CD Courses


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Learn Adobe® Creative Suite 2 Training Tutorial




Amazing eLearning presents the best self-study training courses for Adobe Creative suite 2 at an affordable price!

* Adobe Creative Suite 2 tutorial is a comprehensive, self-paced instructional training program that offers a quick and easy method for harnessing the vast potential of  Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2 and InDesign CS2.

* Amazing eLearning can provide you with the best computer-based training solutions for whichever Adobe Creative Suite programs you wish to learn. This computer-based training solution enables you to learn in a simulated environment. In fact, you don’t even need a copy of the software on your computer because we provide a realistic simulation! you get hands-on experience performing actual tasks. 

* You will spend your time studying and learning the  material, not tinkering with software. In addition, your schedule is your own. You can study as quickly or slowly you need to. By the time you are ready to find a better job, launch a new project, or take the exam. You will have all the tools, experience and knowledge needed for success.


  • Master Adobe Creative Suite 2 Quickly and Easily

  • Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Narrated Instructions

  • Clear professional voice-over make learning like a snap 

  • Full screen display up to 1024 x 723

  • Up to 20X Faster than Learning from a Book or watching a video

  • Sample Files included to practice along with the actual program.

  • 508 Compliance


Contents: (3 CD SET)

1. Mastering Photoshop CS2 ~ 24 hours

2. Mastering Illustrator CS2 ~ 16 hours

3. Mastering InDesign CS2 ~ 24 hours

Total Training Time ~ 64 hours

Photoshop CS2 Lesson Outline:

Lesson 1 Getting Familiar with Photoshop CS2

Lesson 2 Using Adobe Bridge and Automated Photoshop CS2 Features

Lesson 3 Basic Retouching and Repairing Techniques

Lesson 4 Advanced Retouching and Repairing Techniques

Lesson 5 Working with Selection Tools

Lesson 6 Working with Layers

Lesson 7 Creating and Using Masks and Channels

Lesson 8 The Brush Tool – More Than Just for Painting

Lesson 9 Working with the Pen Tool

Lesson 10 Working with Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes

Illustrator CS2 Lesson Outline:

Introduction to Illustrator CS2


Using Adobe Bridge to manage your files (new feature)


Lesson 1 Getting familiar with CS2 Interface, Tools and Palettes

Lesson 2 Creating Basic Shapes

Lesson 3 Painting with Fill and Stroke

Lesson 4 Working with Pen Tools


Lesson 5 Working with Brushes


Lesson 6 Transforming Objects


Lesson 7 Using Live Tracing Features (new feature)


Lesson 8 Using Live Paint to draw freehand style (new feature)


Keyboard Shortcuts


InDesign CS2 Lesson Outlines:

Lesson 1 Getting familiar with InDesign CS2

Lesson 2 Document Setup


Lesson 3 Working with Frames

Lesson 4 Importing and Editing Text


Lesson 5 Working with Topography


Lesson 6 Working with Color


Lesson 7 Working with Styles


Lesson 8 Importing and Linking Graphics


Lesson 9 Tables


Lesson 10 Working with Transparency

Lesson 11 Creating Books Project


Lesson 12 Printing and Creating PDF files

Specs and Support

System Requirements: 
Platform:  Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / 9x / NT
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X


Technical Support:

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