Adobe Captivate 4 eLearning Tool Training Course


Adobe Captivate 4 eLearning Tool Training Course


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Learning Captivate 4 is easy with instructor-led Video Training

If you need to learn to use Captivate 4, consider the Adobe Captivate 4 training tutorial course from Amazgin eLearning. This self-paced training program is an excellent way to master the software and concepts you need for information gathering and sharing using dynamic electric forms. 

We believe that computer based training is one of the best ways to learn new software because it puts you right into a simulated environment where you can see and do the tasks right on your own computer. The Captivate tutorial delivers interactive content on your desktop. 

If you like a self-study computer based training program, you’ll love the Captivate 3 training cd disk. You can watch according to a schedule of your own design with no big commitment of time. You’ll learn how electronic forms reduce data entry redundancy and mistakes and how to implement them in your organization. 

The Adobe Captivate 4 tutorial course will show you how to create your first simulation recording, add text captions and highlight boxes, insert and customize images. You can learn how to add interactivity such as: click boxes, buttons; test user's knowledge with different types of quizzes. At the end of this tutorial, you learn how to publish your e-learning project in different formats such as swf and word. 

There’s no better way to learn these skills than by choosing the Captivate 4 training CD. 



Captivate 4 Training Video CBT Features:



Training Videos: An instructor introduces each learning module and gives you a preview of the topics that are covered. Instead of relying on reading written introductions, simply click on the video presentations for an interesting, informative summary of the concepts that you will be learning next. You will be learning these topics directly from an expert instructor who really knows the material.

Training Level: Basic to Intermediate


Highlighted demo lessons can be viewed for free.

Table of contents

Lesson 1: Introduction to Captivate

1.1 Recording types

1.2 Demonstration and Simulation

1.3 Recording a demonstration

1.4 Recording a simulation

1.5 Recording a custom demo

1.6 Do a full motion recording

1.7 Record in multiple languages

Lesson 2: Timeline and text captions

2.1 Adding a text caption

2.2 Move and resize text captions

2.3 Change text caption properties

2.4 Get familiar with Timeline display and settings

2.5 Control object timing

2.6 Show/hide items and lock/unlock items

Lesson 3: Audio

3.1 Add audio to slide

3.2 Normalize audio

3.3 Insert silence

Lesson 4: Images

4.1 Adding images

4.2 Move and resize images

4.3 Change image transparency

4.4 Change image transition effect and timing

4.5 Create an image watermark

Lesson 5: Click boxes and entry box

5.1 Adding a click box

5.2 Set click box properties

5.3 Adding an entry box

5.4 Set entry box properties

Lesson 6: Pointer Paths, Buttons and Highlight Boxes

6.1 Show/Hide mouse

6.2 Change mouse icon

6.3 Add mouse click and audio

6.4 Set the mouse pointer path

6.5 Adding a button

6.6 Set button properties

6.7 Adding a highlight box

6.8 Set the highlight box properties

Lesson 7: Rollover and Zoom Areas

7.1 Add a rollover caption

7.2 Set rollover caption properties

7.3 Add audio to rollover caption

7.4 Add an rollover image

7.5 Set rollover image properties

7.6 Add a zoom area

7.7 Adding a slidelet

7.8 Adding a caption into a slidelet

7.9 Adding an image into a slidelet

7.10 Redraw rollover area of slidelet

Lesson 8: Notes, Slide labels

8.1 Adding a slide note

8.2 Adding a slide label

8.3 Add background audio to demo

8.4 Import Powerpoint slides into captivate

Lesson 9: Animations and Flash Videos

9.1 Add an animation

9.2 Set animation properties

9.3 Add flash video

Lesson 10: Question Slides

10.1 Add a question slide

10.2 Set question slide properties

10.3 Format the results page

10.4 Copy and paste background of question slide to other question slides

10.5 Set random question slides

Lesson 11: Skins and Templates

11.1 Add a graphic playbar

11.2 Add a animated playbar

11.3 Set playbar properties

11.4 Adding a loading screen

11.5 Create demo template

Lesson 12: Compliant Movies, Bandwidth and Publishing

12.1 Add accessibility text

12.2 Add close captioning

12.3 Enable 508 compliance

12.4 View project information

12.5 Publish a swf demo

12.6 Publish a word document handout

12.7 Publish a standalone project

Lesson 13: Learning Management Systems

13.1 Create a SCORM package

Specs and Support

Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case) 

System Requirements: 
Platform:  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X

Technical Support:

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