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Yoga for beauty with Rainbeau Mars - Dusk

Yoga for beauty with Rainbeau Mars - Dusk

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Yoga for Beauty with Rainbeau Mars - Dusk 

  • 52 ways to relax and relieve tension
  • Detoxify body with cleansing poses
  • Healing yoga and breathing exercises

Banish stress, feel radiant and refreshed!

Relax and release the day’s tensions and toxins with this dynamic, flowing yoga workout. Achieve amazing results using breathing techniques and more than 50 stress-relieving yoga postures.

Let go… stretch and strengthen the back, hips, legs and arms. Draw energy into the body to increase flexibility, and help you feel more centered, refreshed and healthy.

Program Features:

- Improve circulation for all-over glow
- Strengthen, stretch and sculpt muscles
- Boost energy and vitality
- Eliminate impurities for radiant skin
- Reduce stress, tension
- For all levels and physical limitations


Rainbeau Mars, best known for her "Sacred Yoga Practice" series, has released a new yoga series titled "Yoga for Beauty". This series offers two practices, Dawn, or the sunrise practice, and Dusk, or the sunset practice. In both, Rainbeau instructs a class of four participants, this time in an indoor studio. Two of the assistants show modifications, one for limited flexibility and one for limited strength. While chant-like music plays in the background, Rainbeau offers both live and voice-over instruction: she speaks live while setting up poses and moving through vinyasas for the first time, but she switches to voice-over while poses are being held. At the beginning and end of both practices, Rainbeau is shown performing a beautiful flow of poses a la Ana Forrest in Strength and Spirit.

For Best results, practice with Rainbeau's Yoga for Beauty - Dawn program!

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