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Windows 7 Basic and Advanced DVD Training Course

Windows 7 Basic and Advanced DVD Training Course

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Microsoft Windows 7 Video Training from Certified Trainer
Windows 7 Complete Training Videos are for users who want to master Microsoft's latest operating system. New features like: Libraries, Jump Lists, Desktop Gadgets, Desktop Slide Show, new Aero Effects, Themes and Features like Aero's Peek, Shake and Snap, Pinning Taskbar Shortcuts, enhanced Thumbnail Previews, and more Windows 7 shortcuts! From the basics of creating and organizing files into folders, and then onto more advanced features like enhancing System Performance by our Microsoft Certified Trainer. 

Table of contents

Microsoft Windows 7 Basic Level

Lesson 1: Exploring Windows 7

1.1 Desktop Enhancements

1.2 Navigating the Start Menu And Windows

1.3 Using the Taskbar

1.4 Using Libraries

1.5 Accessing Help

Lesson 2: Working with Windows Explorer and Folders

2.1 Windows Explore Of Windows 7

2.2 Navigation Windows Explore

2.3 Folder Options

2.4 How to Manage File And Folders

2.5 Search Capabilities

Lesson 3: Customizing Windows 7

3.1 Customizing Windows Operating System

3.2 How to Customize a Taskbar and Notification

3.3 How to Customize Settings of Windows 7 Desktop

3.4 Using Desktop Gadget

3.5 Libraries Functionality

Lesson 4: Using Control Panel

4.1 Understanding Control Panel Views

4.2 Configuring Mouse and Sound Settings

4.3 Creating and Managing User Accounts

4.4 User Account Control

4.5 Adding and Removing Programs

Lesson 5: Networking with Windows 7

5.1 Creating and Managing Home Groups

5.2 Sharing Resources

5.3 Internet Explorer 8


Microsoft Windows 7 Intermediate Level

Lesson 1: Sharing Resources

1.1 Installing Hardware Devices

1.2 Working with Flash Drives

1.3 Installing Printers

1.4 Print Queue

Lesson 2: Backing Up And Restoring Files

2.1 Using Windows Backup

2.2 Using Shadow Copies

2.3 Using System Restore

Lesson 3: Security In Windows 7

3.1 Configuring the Windows Firewall

3.2 Using Windows Update

3.3 Using Antispyware and Antivirus Software

3.4 Family Safety

Lesson 4: Configuring Internet Explorer 8

4.1 Configuring Browser Settings

4.2 Configuring Browser Security

Lesson 5: Customizing Networks

5.1 Configuring and Customizing Networking

5.2 Advanced Sharing Permission and Setting

5.3 Network and Sharing Center

5.4 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Problems


Microsoft Windows 7 Advanced Level

Lesson 1: Working Remotely

1.1 Creating Remote Access Connections

1.2 Using Remote Desktop

1.3 Understanding Remote Assistance

Lesson 2: System Performance

2.1 Working with Virtual Memory

2.2 Using Task Manager

2.3 Using Performance Monitor

2.4 Using Resource Monitor

2.5 Performance Information and Tools

Lesson 3: Troubleshooting System Settings and Programs

3.1 Understanding Event Viewer

3.2 Using Computer Management

3.3 Using Startup Configuration

Lesson 4: Managing Disks

4.1 Using Disk Management

4.2 Running Disk Cleanup And Disk Defragment

Lesson 5: Security

5.1 Using the Encrypted File System

5.2 Using Bit Locker Drive Encryption

5.3 Advanced Configuration Of The Windows Firewall


Specs and Support

Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case)

System Requirements:
Platform:  Windows 7, Vista, XP
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X