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Quickbooks 2010 Advanced Level DVD Training Course

Quickbooks 2010 Advanced Level DVD Training Course

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Quickbooks Pro 2010 Advanced Level

This DVD training course is an exceptional training program that brings multimedia components such as video, audio, and simulated software together into a dynamic learning experience unlike any other. You’ll participate in pre and post assessments so you can measure how much you currently know and how far you’ve come after the course. These assessments also highlight areas that you may need to focus your studies on or examine further.

By engaging in the QuickBooks Pro video training, you will see instructors conducting classroom sessions as well as see the software in full-motion video. Other multimedia components round out the demonstrations by showing you the steps graphically using a step-by-step approach. Narrations clearly explain each step so you can follow along and fully understand what you are seeing.

By choosing the Quick Books Training CD course, you are choosing a self-directed means of learning. This method puts you in charge of your schedule. If you want to take your time and focus on one unit at a time, you can. If you want to work through several units in one sitting, you can do that as well. You’ll find a pace that is comfortable for the amount of time you have as well as your personal learning style.

Table of contents

Lesson 1: Reports, Graphs and Document Management

1.1 Quick Reports on Lists

1.2 Report Center

1.3 Exporting to Excel

1.4 Graphs and Company Snapshot

1,5 Document Management

Lesson 2: Customizing Forms and Budgets

2.1 Customizing Invoices

2.2 Customizing Forms

2.3 Setting up a Budget & Run Reports

Lesson 3: Tracking and Paying Sales Tax

3.1 Setting up Sales Tax Items

3.2 Indicating Taxibility of Customers & Items

3.3 Paying Sales Tax Liabilities and Related Reports

contractors and 1099s

4.1 Setting Up Preference & Entering Vendor info

4.2 Generating 1099s at Year End


Lesson 5: Jobs, Time and Milage

5.1 Setting Preferences

5.2 Entering payments and Mileage

5.3 Invoicing for Billable Amounts

5.4 Reports

Lesson 6: Estimates, Progress Invoicing, and Statements

6.1 Creating an Estimate and an Invoice

6.2 Creating Progress Invoices

6.3 Statements and Finance Charges

6.4 Useful Reports

Lesson 7: Managing Inventory

7.1 Setting up Inventory

7.2 Entering Purchase Orders and Receiving Inventory

7.3 Inventory Adjustments, Groups vs. Assemblies

Lesson 8: Payroll

7.1 Options for Payroll

7.2 Setting up Payroll in QuickBooks

7.3 Setting up Employees and Payroll Schedules

7.4 Options for Entering Time and Processing Payroll

7.5 Paying Payroll Liabilities and Tax Forms

 Note: This is the 2nd part of Quickbooks Pro 2010 Essential Training Course. 

Specs and Support

Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case)

System Requirements:
Platform: Windows 10, 8,  7 and Vista
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher

Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24x