Prof. Paul Discipline, Life skills, Success Rituals - Take your life & – Amazing eLearning
Prof. Paul Discipline, Life skills, Success Rituals - Take your life & Career to Next Step

Prof. Paul Discipline, Life skills, Success Rituals - Take your life & Career to Next Step

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Self Improvement - Your Proven Way to Succeed in Life 

You will learn how to take your LIFE & CAREER to the next level. These courses covers all  the major life skills you need to be massively successful.
Giving You The Key Tools, Strategies & Techniques You Need To Take Your Life & Career to the Next Level. Learn How To Realize Your FULL Potential!

DVD Course #1:  - Powerful Discipline - The Ultimate Guide

1) Gain a FRESH & Positive Perspective On Discipline
2) How The Hidden Secrets of Discipline Can Help You Take Massive Action … And GET Amazing Results!
3) Discover How Discipline Can Easily Improve EVERY Area Of Your Life
4) Learn The Hidden SECRETS of How To Gain Powerful Personal Discipline!
5) Discover How To A Lack Of Discipline Can Hurt You … And HOW to Turn It Around!
6) Discover Secret Tools, Strategies & Techniques That Can Make Being Disciplined WAY Easier Then You Ever Thought!
7) Learn The Secrets Of Discipline The MOST Successful & Famous People In the World Use!

Course #2  - Life Skills for Massive Success:

1) How To BIG Goals That Will Transform Your LIFE!

2) How To Make REAL Decisions … Stick To Them …And GET Results!

3) Discover The Life Skills That Have The BIGGEST Impact On Your SUCCESS & How You FEEL

4) Learn That There is NO Such Thing As Failure … Everything Can Be Used To Move You Forward … When You Know These Hidden SECRETS!

5) Discover How To Get More & More Intelligent & Creative Over Time .. With VERY Little Effort

6) Discover That Nothing Is Impossible … If You Use The Skills We Share With You In This Course

7) Learn The Secrets Of How To Program Your Mind To Think Better Than Ever Before!

DVD Course #3 - Success Rituals 

Learning these key success ritual skills & techniques can help you be successful. Once you can master these key skills & techniques … Your potential is limitless!

1) New Approaches To Life & Career To Attain Success

2) How To Follow The Rituals Of Some Of the MOST Successful People In the World!

3) Learn The KEY Fundamentals That Lead To Massive Success

4) How To Conquer Your Fears … And Achieve Your Goals

5) Learn The Difference Between Empowering Rituals and DIS-Empowering Rituals

6) Discover Simple, Easy Rituals That Dramatically BST Mood & Health!

7) Learn Specific Morning & Evening Rituals That Can Give You An UNFAIR Advantage In Life!

What you'll le

What you will get:

DVD Video disc contains three courses:
1. Powerful Discipline
2. Life Skills
3. Success Rituals 

Total of 3 hours of productive learning!

Content:  DVD Disc NTSC Format for Region 1
                USA and Canada 

Produced By Prof. Paul