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Photoshop CS3 DVD Training Course

Photoshop CS3 DVD Training Course

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Learning Adobe Photoshop CS3 is easy with instructor-led Video Training

Have you recently upgraded to Adobe PhotoShop CS3? Whether you're a new or existing user, get a handle on the features and improvements found in PhotoShop CS3 through an innovative training program: the self-paced PhotoShop CS3 computer based training course.

This course uses a blend of instructor-led training sessions and computer based training technology to deliver a completely self-paced course directly to your desktop. The PhotoShop CS3 training videos give you the instruction you want without the need for attending live classes. Simply watch recorded videos and see the software in action.

Your investment in PhotoShop cost you hundreds of dollars. Make sure you get the most out of that investment by learning how to use the software. The PhotoShop CS3 training cd teaches you about each of the features and shows you how to use them. With knowledge and training, your creativity will flow. You'll learn how you can use PhotoShop to express yourself and fine tune your images.

Everything you need is included on the Adobe PhotoShop training tutorial including videos, demonstrations, interactive content, printable courseware, and hands-on activities. With the self-paced PhotoShop CS3 CBT installed on your computer, you can learn the ins and outs of using PhotoShop at your own pace.

While traditional classes are a good way to learn, you can't beat the PhotoShop CS3 training videos and interactive courseware. The full motion videos have high production values. More importantly, they have the information and instruction that you value. Watch the videos and demos as often as you need in order to master each task.

The PhotoShop CS3 training cd-roms puts you in charge of your education. If you want to learn a specific feature of PhotoShop, you can jump ahead to that section rather than waiting for the rest of the class to get to that point. You can also work at a pace that is best for you, either fast or slow. You can't fall behind because you are the one calling the shots and deciding when and how fast to study.

This format is ideal for anyone who needs to learn how to use PhotoShop CS3 and wants the most control over their learning experience.

Instructor Bio:

Heather Peterson has a breadth of experience providing instruction for desktop software applications. Throughout her career over the last fifteen years, she has combined a multi-faceted background in marketing, technology and training to develop courses for corporate users of both large and small companies. Having worked in the Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Real Estate industries, Heather brings a unique blend of business knowledge, creativity and in-depth technical know-how to her teaching.

Training Level: Basic


Table of contents

Lesson 1: Reviewing the Workspace

1.1 Reviewing What’s New

1.2 Browsing the Tools

1.3 Reviewing the Menus

1.4 Managing Windows

1.5 Configuring Preferences

Lesson 2: Getting Started

2.1 Opening an Image

2.2 Creating a New File

2.3 Opening Multiple Images

2.4 Including File Information

2.5 Review Selecting an Image Area Options

Lesson 3: Performing Photoshop Basics

3.1 Cropping an Image

3.2 Changing Color Modes and Transparency

3.3 Resizing an Image

3.4 Changing the Canvas

3.5 Using Undo, Step Forward and Step Backward

3.6 Using Zoom

3.7 Adding Text

Lesson 4: Making Adjustments

4.1 Using Auto Levels

4.2 Using Auto Color

4.3 Using Auto Contrast

4.4 Reviewing Variations

Lesson 5: Transforming Tools

5.1 Scaling Items

5.2 Rotating Items

5.3 Changing Skew and Distorting

5.4 Changing Perspective and Warping

Lesson 6: Saving and Printing

6.1 Saving a File

6.2 Saving for Web

6.3 Using Print Preview

6.4 Printing an Image

Lesson 7: Working with the Bridge

7.1 Overview of the Bridge

7.2 Managing Images with the Bridge

7.3 Previewing, Comparing, and Stacking


Total training time: ~10 hours
Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case)

System Requirements:
Platform:  Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X