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Photoshop CS CD Training Course

Photoshop CS CD Training Course

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Adobe Photoshop CS - Training Tutorial

Mastering Adobe Photoshop CS is a must-have, step-by-step narrated simulation for the beginner, as well as a handy reference tool for Adobe-based web design professionals.

This CD contains over (12) lessons. This step-by-step training guides you through Photoshop's latest features allowing you to maximize your productivity and quickly and easily create unique and creative design graphcis.

If Adobe Photoshop CS is currently installed on your computer, you may use it to practice with Mastering Adobe Photoshop CS ; however, no actual Adobe Photoshop CS program is needed to run the dynamic simulations on this CD!


  • Learn Adobe Photoshop Quickly and Easily
  • Easy to follow Step-by-step Instructions
  • Full screen for maximum viewing.
  • Clear narrated instruction makes learning a snap.
  • Interact with program to retain maximum learning.
  • Use Sample Files to Practice along with Photoshop

Training Level: Basic to Intermediate

Table of contents

1.  Getting Familiar with Photoshop CS
2.  Using the File Browser and Automated Photoshop CS Features
3.  Basic Retouching and Repairing Techniques
4.  Working with Selection Tools
5.  Working with Layers
6.  Creating and Using Masks and Channels
7.  More on Retouching and Repairing Images
8.  The Brush Tool More Than Just for Painting
9.  Working with the Pen Tool
10. Working with Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes
11. Using Advanced Layer Techniques
12. Automating Tasks and Creating Special Effects
13. Using Spot Color to Create Two-Color Images
14. Color Management
Appendix: Using Version Cue to Share Your Projects


Total training time: ~48 hours
Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case)

System Requirements:
Platform:  Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher / G3 or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X