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Excel 2016 Interactive DVD Training Course

Excel 2016 Interactive DVD Training Course

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Learn Microsoft Excel 2016 in less time and more effective than other training methods.

- New! Classroom approach: Learn the topics, Practice with exercises and Evaluate skills with Hands-on Labs.
Come with practice files that the user can use along with the instructor - the best way to learn how to use Excel.
- Break down complex features into easy smaller topics to understand and go over the topics later.
- Learn Excel New Ribbon Interface and how to create spreadsheets with formulas, charts, 3D Maps, special functions (vlookup, Flash Fill), and much more!

Table of contents

Lesson 1:  Getting started with Excel 2016

  1. Introduction to Excel spreadsheet
  2. The interface of Excel 2016
  3. Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
  4. Understanding the status bar
  5. Using Zoom-in and Mini Toolbar
  6. Using simple keyboard keys to move around

Lesson 2:  Basic Operation

  1. Creating and Converting Workbooks
  2. Understanding Type of Data
  3. Entering Data using Enter and Tab
  4. Performing basic operations: edit, move, copy and delete
  5. Entering Data using AutoFill
  6. Using Flash Fill  and adding comments to the cell

Lesson 3: Formatting Sheets, Cells and Tables

  1. Changing Font Settings of a Cell
  2. Applying Number Formats
  3. Adjusting row height and column width
  4. Hiding/unhiding rows and columns
  5. Applying Borders, Shading and Gradient Fill
  6. Using cell formatting
  7. Using Table Formatting

Lesson 4:  Formulas and Functions

  1. Using Formulas
  2. Entering Formulas
  3. Using Sum Formulas
  4. Using Sum, Average and SumIF Function
  5. Using Vlookup Function

Lesson 5:  Editing Graphics

  1. Inserting pictures
  2. Editing pictures
  3. Using SmartArt
  4. Inserting shapes
  5. Overlapping, grouping,& hiding graphics
  6. Capturing a Screenshot

Lesson 6:  Chart Design

  1. Inserting Charts
  2. Adding Chart Elements
  3. Changing Source Data
  4. Changing Chart Layout and Format
  5. Formatting Chart Elements
  6. Enhancing a chart
  7. Creating Sparklines

Lesson 7:  Managing Data Lists and Pivot Table Report

  1. Creating and Filtering a Data List
  2. Using Sort & Filter
  3. Using Subtotal
  4. Creating PivotTable Report

Lesson 8: Automating Tasks with Macros

  1. Installing Developer Tab
  2. Recording Macro
  3. Editing Macro
  4. Macro Security

Lesson 9: Helpful Keyboard shortcuts and hints

  1. Creating Excel Spreadsheet/chart in Word and PowerPoint
  2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Helpful Hints
  4. Macro Security

Total training time: ~ 10 hours
Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case)

System Requirements:
Platform:  Windows 10, 8 7, Vista, XP
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher