Prof. Paul Time management, Motivation and Productivity Hacks - 3 Care – Amazing eLearning
Prof. Paul Time management, Motivation and Productivity Hacks - 3 Career Courses in 1

Prof. Paul Time management, Motivation and Productivity Hacks - 3 Career Courses in 1

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Self Improvement - Transform Your Life and Career

DVD Course #1 - Motivation Mastery

In this online course you will learn how can transform your LIFE & CAREER. This motivation Course covers all the major skills of motivation you need to be massively successful … Giving you the key tools, strategies & techniques you need to take your life & career to the next level. Learn how to realize your FULL Potential!

Learning these key motivation skills & techniques can help you be massively successful. Once you can master these key skills & techniques … Your Potential Is Limitless!

By The End Of This Course, You Will …
1) What Motivation Is & How To Use It In Powerful Ways
2) Learn About “The Mind Games Of Motivation”
3) Discover How To Eliminate The Things That DE-Motivate You
4) Learn How Everything Can Be Used To Move You Forward … When You Know These Hidden SECRETS!
5) Discover How To Become … And STAY … Motivated Effort
6) Discover How To Make Motivation … An Effortless Habit!
7) Learn The Secrets Of How To Program Your Mind To Think Better Than Ever Before!

Course #2  - Time Management Mastery
Discover The Hidden Secrets Of Time Management

This time management course teach you how the pros get back their time. Time is your greatest asset … and cannot be replaced. It must be mastered and respected. You need to be very skillful in this area … Or You will literally lose years of your life.  This course also helps boost your productivity dramatically. Productivity is literally getting mor done … In less time. Mastering your time … Is mastering your life!

By The End Of This Course, You Will …

1) Discover What You Really Want … And Put The Bulk Of Your Efforts Towards The Right Goals
2) Learn How To Use The Power Of ”Daily Habits” To Put Your Time-Saving Mindset On Auto-Pilot
3) Discover New Ways To Be More Productive Every Day
4) Learn Specific Ways To Build Your Time Management Skills Each Day
5) Discover How To Consume Information Quickly
6) Sort Out The People That Add To Your Life … And Those That Subtract From It
7) Learn To Surround Yourself With Success
8) Beat The One Of The Biggest “Time Killers” - Distractions
9) Discover Time Management Apps That Can Help You
10) Learn The Power Of Focus
11) Define & Prioritize Your Goals & Future
12) Learn How To Better Manage The People Around You & Get More Out Of Them

DVD Course #3 - Productivity Hacks
Triple your productivity with these secret hacks

Productivity can boost your business, career & life. Productivity secrets, tips, tools & hacks - boost profits, reduce stress and maximize your success.

By The End Of This Course, You Will …

1) Discover how productivity can improve every area of your life
2) See how productivity can boost your career & get you that promotion or raise
3) Discover productivity can boost profits several ways
4) Learn how create the right environment for productivity – This is key!
5) Discover productivity can reduce stress and improve mental health & sleep
6) Find out how to eliminate distractors & interruptions
7) Learn the secret tools & methods of the world’s most productive people
8) Learn how to develop a “Productivity Mindset” & beat procrastination
9) Discover the best tools, supplies & resources to help you boost your productivity
10) Learn time management strategies that can give you back several hours a day!
11) You will learn simple routines & secrets very productive people use for maximum results
12) You will also get an added training on how to increase productivity at home

What you will get:

DVD Video disc contains three courses:
1. Time Management Mastery
2. Motivation Mastery
3. Productivity Hacks

Total of 3 hours of productive learning!

Content:  DVD Disc NTSC Format for Region 1
                USA and Canada 

Produced By Prof. Paul