BellyDance Fitness Fusion for Beginners with Suhaila - Box Set (4 DVDs – Amazing eLearning
BellyDance Fitness Fusion for Beginners with Suhaila - Box Set (4 DVDs)

BellyDance Fitness Fusion for Beginners with Suhaila - Box Set (4 DVDs)

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Belly Dance Fitness Fusion for Beginners

* 20 Ways to Burn Fat, Lose Weight!

* Shimmy Your way to tight sexy Buns

The Belly Dance Fitness Fusion series is the hot release from Suhaila Salimpour. It is a workout series that is designed for the dancer in everyone! The set of four includes workouts that focus on belly dance fused with Yoga, Pilates, Buns, and Jazz. Purchased individually or bought as a set, these workouts are sure to make your heart smile, and your glutes scream! It's a great combination.


*Bellydance Fitness Fusion: Buns*

The name says it all. Up until the last 15 minutes there is a major focus on the lower body. This workout is wonderful for those that really want to pay particular attention to strengthening and toning from the hips down. What's nice is that it isn't just the buns that are being worked here, but the legs and hips too. It's very well rounded. Be aware that until you've done it a few times it's very intense. Stretch real well. Suhaila does excellent warm ups and cool downs which is crucial. Don't fast forward through it! You will pay the next day.


*Bellydance Fitness Fusion: Yoga*

     I am such a yoga fanatic, that I just had to give this one a shot. I admit, it was a little too easy for me. But then again I am used to some really hard-core yoga sculpting and strengthening, and the DVD does state it is a "beginner" workout. Overall, it is excellent for those just starting out. It shows good form, excellent transition, and has some basic foundation movements and poses. It was very well put together for an average beginner. Note: this was the first DVD I watched and my first intro to Suhaila's glute exercise that is repeated throughout the series. Can I just say, Whoa Baby! And I thought I had my hiney trained! This was the one part of this DVD that was especially trying for me.


*Bellydance Fitness Fusion: Pilates*

     This particular workout was more my style. It was challenging enough, yet not over-exerting. It gives you just the right amount of push. I have always needed to work more with my arms, and with the length of time you have to hold your arms up in this workout, in time it will certainly build overall strength and toning. I know I ache the next day! Just make sure to stretch your arms out real well afterwards. Her abdominal section of the workout is spectacular. You can really feel it working each muscle group. The bonus workout on this one is wonderful. It focuses on hip movement while traveling. It's a great way to stay fresh and sharp with hip movement. Overall, this is a great workout for those who don't like to bounce around a lot but want to feel the burn. And can I just say, wow! Are the girls on this video in shape, or what?



*Bellydance Fitness Fusion: Jazz*

     Hmmm, where do I begin? Jazz is in a league of its own! It differs from the rest of the series in that it is structured more like a dance rehearsal than a workout. Aside from the warm ups and cool downs, Suhaila incorporates combinations with a lot of layering in this fast paced and light hearted workout. I fell all over myself (and my children, who enjoyed it thoroughly) the first time I ran through it. It took all of my coordination and attention to keep up. The second time I was still a little lost, but by the third I wasn't doing so bad, and really enjoyed myself! This has now become my fun TGIF workout. Although it is the most challenging at first, it definitely has a special quality that makes you smile while you move.

    This series of videos was very well thought out and put together. Suhaila gives small inspirational talks in each, which are sweet, encouraging, and easy for a woman and a mother such as myself to relate to. Along with the 40-45 minute workout, she has also included a short bonus workout and 2 bonus dances in each. On each DVD there was also a circle dance, which I found to be very charming.

    There are also some options which are nice to have such as a view for those who have a wide screen TV, and no audio if you just want to workout to the music once you have the hang of it. It's very nice to see such a complete package at a steal of a price.