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Adobe Creative Suite CD Training Course Bundle

Adobe Creative Suite CD Training Course Bundle

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Mastering Adobe Creative Suite

Special Value Pack - 6 CD set


Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is the first generation of collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made by Adobe Systems.This value pack covers the training CD courses for Photoshop CS, InDesign CS, Illustrator CS, Dreamweaver and Acrobat 6 Professional.

Mastering Adobe Creative Suite is a comprehensive self-paced instructional training program that offers a quick and easy method for harnessing the cast potential of the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat Professional.

Mastering Adobe Creative Suite has been designed to work with Windows that support Macromedia Flash. Our proprietary visual interface allows lessons to appear with video specific resolution, clarity, and detail for easier viewing.

Our exclusive search feature allows users to enter key words to speedily search through lessons and chapters. Learning time can also be accelerated by using the topic list to navigate to particular areas of interest.

Each CD's "samplers" folder contains templates and images resources allowing you the opportunity to practice along side the simulated training lessons for practical, real-world, hands-on experience.


  • Master Adobe Creative Suite Quickly and Easily
  • Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Narrated Instructions
  • Learn Special Problem Solving Methods and Techniques
  • Work with Dynamic Simulations, Not Sequential Static Displays
  • Up to 20X Faster than Learning from a Book
  • Build Your Own Lessons for Classroom or Individual Use

Total Training Time:

Mastering Adobe Photoshop CS - 24 hours;

Mastering Adobe InDesign CS - 24 hours

Mastering Adobe Illustrator CS/10 - 24 hours

Mastering Dreamweaver MS/8  - 24 hours

Mastering Adobe Acrobat 6 Pro - 24 hours

List of lessons:

Mastering Photoshop CS:

Getting Familiar with Photoshop CS Using the File Browser and Automated Photoshop CS Features Basic Retouching and Repairing Techniques Working with Selection Tools Working with Layers Creating and Using Masks and Channels More on Retouching and Repairing Images. The Brush Tool More Than Just for Painting Working with the Pen Tool Working with Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes Using Advanced Layer Techniques Automating Tasks and Creating Special Effects Using Spot Color to Create Two-Color Images Color Management Appendix: Using Version Cue to Share Your Projects

Mastering Adobe InDesign CS:

Getting startedIntroducing text basicsDrawing objectsWorking in colorModifying object stylesCreating paths (pen and bezier tools)Using imported graphicsIntroducing more text effects and automated text featuresComposing pages and booksUnderstanding the layer basicsSharing resources with librariesAligning with tabs and tablesAdvanced text effectsDocument with interactive PDF elements

Mastering Adobe Illustrator CS:

Illustrator Work Area Overview Creating Basic Shapes Painting Drawing with Pen Tool Working with Brushes Transforming Objects Working with Types Blending Shapes and Colors Appearance Attributes, Styles, and Effects Composing with Layers Using Mesh Drawing Cylinders and Boxes Creating 3D Effects Working with Scribbles Printing Management Creating, Exporting and Submitting a Design


Mastering Adobe Acrobat 6:

Getting Started & Understanding the "How To" WindowConverting MS Office Files to Adobe PDFConverting Other File Types to Adobe PDFCustomizing Your Adobe PDF OutputConverting Web Pages into Adobe PDFModifying Adobe PDF FilesStarting a Document Review CyclePutting Documents OnlineDesigning Online DocumentsIntroducing Signature & Security FeaturesFilling Out Forms in AcrobatBuilding PresentationsUsing Pictures in AcrobatWorking with eBooksMaking Your Documents Easily AccessibleDeveloping Multimedia PresentationsIntroducing Engineering & Technical FeaturesCreating PDF FormsProfessional Publishing


Five (5) CD-ROM  

Photoshop Object Disc - 100 + royalty free graphic

Photoshop Filter Effects Catalog


Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

24x CD.DVD-ROM Drive