Windows XP, Office 2003 and Registry Bundle Training


Windows XP, Office 2003 and Registry Bundle Training


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Mastering WindowsXP, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access & Registry

Our exclusive search feature allows users to enter key words to speedily search through lessons and chapters. Learning time can also be accelerated by using the topic list to navigate to particular areas of interest.

Each CD comes with a folder which contains templates and images that you can use to follow along with the lessons for practical, hands-on experience.


  • Mastering Windows XP Pro

  • Mastering Word 2003

  • Mastering Excel 2003

  • Mastering PowerPoint 2003

  • Mastering Access 2003

  • Mastering Windows Registry  


  • Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Narrated Instructions

  • Learn Special Problem Solving Methods and Techniques

  • Work with Dynamic Simulations, Not Sequential Static Displays

  • Up to 20X Faster than Learning from a Book

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Windows XP Professional

Lessons Include:

1. Desktop and Display Settings: 
    Add and remove desktop items; 
    Customize display settings; 
    Select related hardware devices
2. Windows Explorer: 
    Become familiar with basic folder and file operations; 
    Explore views and program organization.
3. Disk and Program Management: 
    Breeze through disk properties; 
    Define and organize disk space.
4. Taskbar, Startup Menu, and Sound: 
    Personalize taskbar and start up menu; 
    Adjust speakers, voice, and sound drivers. 
5. Windows Updates, COM+, and Computer Management: 
    Add and remove programs and Windows updates; 
    Build your own COM+ application and components; 
    Browse the "Computer Management" console.
6. Internet Explorer and Network Connections:  
    Set up an Internet Connection Master Microsoft Internet Explorer.
7. Microsoft Movie Maker
8. Performance and Maintenance
    Become familiar with performance console - a powerful administrative tool
9. System Restore, NetMeeting, and Fax Service
10. Window Services
      Discover and manage Windows Services such as Tasks and Recovery
11. Event Viewer and Registry
      Become acquainted with the Event Viewer Console
12. Networking
      Explore network connection and TCP/IP settings; 
      Plan local area network (LAN) wiring; 
      Build a home network
13. Resource and Data Sharing
      Share folder/file/printers in LAN; 
      Map or disconnect the network drive;
      Control a network by remote
14. IIS 5 Web Server
      Install Web and FTP services and Front-Page extensions; 
      Activate and customize Web/FTP services; 
      Design a Web page with Notepad; 
      Create a personal directory for each FTP user
15. SMTP Email Services
      Setup SMTP virtual server; 
      Modify and secure relay / connection settings; 
      Customize email delivery options;
      Use MS Outlook to check and receive email;
      Host your own Web and email server

Mastering Windows Registry

Lessons Include:


1. Registry Organization
2. Using the Registry Editor
3. Backing Up your Registry
4. Hacking Windows Registry
5. Searching for Registry  
6. Advanced Windows Customization and Troubleshooting
7. Programming with Registry

Mastering Word 2003

Lessons Include:  


1.Getting Started
2. Microsoft Word Basic Features
3. Working with Paragrah
4. Styles and Lists
5. Microsoft Word Tables
6. Mail Merge
7. Using Graphics and Graph
8. Page Formatting
9. Using VBA with Microsoft Word
10. Macros in Word
11. Information Rights Management
12. Microsoft Word Options Setting
13. XML Editor

Mastering Excel 2003

Lessons Include:


1. File and Edit
2. View and Insert Menu
3. Common Formating
4. Data Managment
5. Chart, Tables and List
6. Using Tools
7. Building Formulas
8. Working with XMLs
9. Develop Macros
10. Windows and Help Menu
11. Understanding VBA




Mastering PowerPoint 2003

Lessons Include:



1. PowerPoint Overview
2. Creating Presentations
3. Working with Slides
4. Working with Outlines
5. Editing Slide Text
6. Changing Presentation Colors and Background
7. Working with Shapes
8. WoLesson
9. Adding Tables, Charts, and Diagrams
10. Animating your Slides
11. Sharing your Presentation
12. Printing Presentations

Mastering Access 2003

Lessons Include:



1. Access 2003 Introduction
2. Basic Queries using QBE
3. Basic Queries using SQL
4. Creating Forms
5. Using Form Controls
6. Using Subforms
7. Advance Forms
8. Parameter Queries
9. Action Queries
10. An Introduction to VBA
11. Event-Driven Programming & Macros
12. Data Access Objects
13. Advanced Triggers with Macros & VBA
14. Reports, PivotCharts and Pivot Tables
15. Using Data Access Page(DAP) & ASP
16. XML Support

Specs and Support

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • Pentium 133 MHz or higher

    32MB RAM

    10MB free disk space

  • 24X CD-ROM

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