Visual C++ Pro Source Code Library for .Net & 6


Visual C++ Pro Source Code Library for .Net & 6


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Visual C++ Professional Source Codes Library for Visual C++ & .NET

Learn tips & tricks from these professional programming codes immediately! Apply powerful features to your own projects! User-friendly interface lets you preview and run projects before opening them!

Includes - Mastering Visual C++ 6.0, learn to use C++ 6.0 quickly and easily




Tips and tricks and Projects:

Over 200 Advanced Working Projects with Complete Source Codes
CD-ROM Control
Tree Control
Timer Control
Edit Control
Tab Control
Swing Control
LED Control
Custom Buttons
List Box Control
Dynamic Control
Custom Grid Control
Drop-down List Control
Combo Drop-down Control
Print List Control
Scrolling Edit Control
Custom ActiveX Grid Control
Custom Drawing
Get Drives Info
Get File Size
Static Fader
Multiple Windows
Dynamic Message Box
Using Html Help Pages
Preview and Print
Record File I/O
Generate Html Files
Compression Program
Read Font Data
Mp3 Decoder
Operate Scanner
Custom Button On Title Bar
Custom Print Dialog Box
Bitmap on Menu Bar
Drag and Drop Function
Application Transparency
Auto-filled Word Feature
Drag/Drop Ability Between Trees
Owner-Defined "Gcmultifieldedit" Class
Animation in Status Bar
Child Window Toolbar
Internet Browser Program
Remove Icons in Status Bar
Tabbed Multi-document Program
Explore Outlook Database
User Generated "run"
XML Form Validation
Oracle Access
Accessing "Access" Database Files
Database Access and Builder
Custom ODBC Connection Class
Access to the 64 Bit File System API (win32 SDK)
SQL Server Enumerator
Encapsulate the NT Performance API (PDH.dll)
Framework to Encapsulate Developing Control Panel Applets
High Precision MFC Timing Class for Pentium+ CPU
Custom Debug Application
Explore Classes Name and Password
Hardware Detection
Read/write Values to the Hkey_local_machine
Registry Key
Read Installed Software on Network Computers
Display All Currently-running Programs
Screen Capture Program
Onscreen Keyboard
Onscreen Genius
Switch Screen Resolution
Add Icon to the System Tray
VB Script Editor
CPU Performance Monitor
Auto Log-on to WinNT
Desktop Manager
File Monitor Program
OS and CPU Detection

Games w/Open Source:

Blood 2
MFC Box Man Puzzle
Connect 5 Game (Dos)
Super Mario Brothers


Specs and Support

Requirements: Windows

System Requirements:


Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
10MB free disk space
24x CD-ROM


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