Visual Basoc Professional Source Code Library for VB 6 & .Net

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Visual Basoc Professional Source Code Library for VB 6 & .Net


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Learn tips & tricks from these professional programming codes immediately! Apply powerful features to your own projects! User-friendly interface lets you preview and run projects before opening them!




API Tricks:

Reading CPU/Complete disk information
Pre-selecting a folder in folder dialog
Capturing and pasting the area behind the mouse cursor onto the Start button
Using fast API drawing commands
Developing API CD player
Handling shortcuts
Running external applications
Reading text from asterisks "****" password field
Introducing Mixer API
Formatting disks, Shutdown\Restart Windows, Hide\show the Windows Start button, etc
File Management
Return the word under the mouse
Video capture program
Make screen shots

Control & ActiveX:

Read image information without loading it (works w/BMP, GIF, JPG & PNG) 
Image Conversion Control
TransitionFX - Special effects between images
Manipulating ZIP archives within your application (works w/PKZip and InfoZip) 
Microsoft SysInfo control
Running Control Panel items
Unlimited Undo for MS FlexGrid Control
Joystick control
OLE automation

Database Samples:

Connect database w/ ADO and DAO
Build dictionary with SQL
Modify tables and records
Simple medical patient database

Games w/Source Codes:

Tic Tac Toe with scoring AI & auto-learn feature
Connect 4 and Casino Craps
Hangman and Memory
Simple "rpg" game
Card games
Microsoft Minesweeper
Classic Magic 8-ball and Slot machines
Directx games
Word puzzle program

Network Programs:

Direct-connect 2 computers
Chat programs
Dual browser
HTML editor
Hyperlink ActiveX control
Instant intranet messenger (works with groups/domains) 
Full control of Dial Up Networking
StealthMail 2.1 (a E-mail/file encryption program) 
IP address retrieval & validation
AOL Instant Messenger client
Build your own servers such as Telnet, IRC, FTP, etc.

Graphics, Etc:

Handling colors
Icon tips (extract icons from resource files like .exe, .dll) 
Monitoring network computers with no monitors connected
Show "Tip of the day" when application launches
Quiz Program
Test Anti-Virus software with accepted virus test string
Work with Windows registry data
ScreenSaver programs
String Functions
Tricks for Windows controls like Scrollbar, Listview, Forms, Menu, Label, ComboBox, Picture Box, etc


Specs and Support

Requirements: Windows

System Requirements:


Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
10MB free disk space
24x CD-ROM


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