Microsoft Word 2010 Interactive Training CD Course


Microsoft Word 2010 Interactive Training CD Course

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Product Description:


  • Get to know the new interface and features of Microsoft Office Word 2010 immediately.
  • Learn how to use Word 2010 so that you can create professional documents with smart arts, tables, charts and graphic.
  • Learn how to create technical or research paper with table of contents and figures for your work or school projects.
  • Break down complex features into easy smaller topics to understand and go over the topics later.
  • New! Classroom approach: Learn the topics, Practice with exercises and Evaluate skills with Assessment tests.
  • Learn Office New Ribbon Interface and how to create documents with graphs, charts, Smart Arts, and much more!
  • No prior experience of using Word nor word processing is necessary.
  • Absolute great for beginners and good review for advanced users.




  • Self-Paced Interactive CD Course
  • Easy to Follow with Narration/Captions
  • Interactive Exercise and Assessment Tests
  • Full Screen for maximum Viewing
  • Flash-based Interactive Training
  • Playback controller for easy Navigation
  • Learning Faster than Reading a Book

  • Click here to see a demo (it will take a few minutes to download the actual lesson)




    Course Outline:

    Level: Beginner to Intermediate




Microsoft Office Word 2010 Training Topics


Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Lesson 1 Getting Started with Word 2010


·        Word 2010 New Enhancements


·        Word 2010 Operating Environment


·        Quick Access Toolbar


·        Status Area


·        Word Help


>> Assessment Test


Lesson 2 Working with First Document


·        Opening and Creating New Documents


·        Word Views and layouts


·        Save and Protect Documents 


·        View or Change Document Properties


·        Close Documents


·        Sharing a Document Using E-Mail




>> Assessment Test


Lesson 3 Editing and Formatting Documents


·        Move and Copy Text


·        Find and Replace Text


·        Auto Correction and Smart Tags


·        Set Character Format


·        Set paragraph Format


>> Assessment Test


Lesson 4 Managing Page Layout and Print


·        Page Breaks and Section Breaks


·        Header and Footer


·        Page Numbers 


·        Page layout


·        Print Documents


>> Assessment Test


Lesson 5 Adding Graphics and Multimedia to Documents


·        Pictures


·        Textbox


·        Insert WordArt


·        Insert SmartArt


·        Adding shapes to SmartArt


\>> Assessment Test


Lesson 6 Adding Tables and Charts to Documents


·        Create a custom Table


·      Applying Borders and Shadings to the Table


·        Changing text, cell size, row and column in the Table


·        Sort the contents of a table


·        Convert between Table and Text


·        Create Charts


>> Assessment Test


Lesson 7 Working with Technical Documents


·        Insert Building Blocks using Quick Parts


·        Insert and Create AutoText


·        Utilize Research feature to write paper


·        Create a Bookmark


·        Create an Index


·        Create, modify and format Footnotes and Endnotes


·        Create a Table of Contents


·        Add captions to the tables and figures


·        Insert table of figures


·        Insert Symbol


·        Add Equation


>> Assessment Test


Lesson 8 Creating Mail Merge Documents


·     Use the Mail Merge function to create letters.


·     Use the Mail Merge function to create e-mail messages.


·     Use the Mail Merge function to create envelopes.


·     Use the Envelopes command button on the toolbar to create envelopes.


>> Assessment Test


Lesson 9 Using Macros and Fields to automate tasks


·        Create, Run and Delete Macros


·        Insert, Edit and Show Fields




Content: CD-ROM


System Requirements:




  • Windows 8, 7 Vista and XP
  • Pentium 133 Mhz or higher 
  • 32MB RAM  
  • 10MB free disk space  
  • 24x CD-ROM
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