Visual C++ 2013 using MFC and .NET Training CD Course


Visual C++ 2013 using MFC and .NET Training CD Course


Mastering Visual C++ 2013  is a must have step-by-step narrated training simulation for first time beginners. This CD contains 17 lessons for developing application programs in Visual C++ using MFC and .NET framework.

If you are new to Microsoft Visual C++, this is a good starting tutorial for you.  No prior experience of programming is necessary. We will walk you through from basic concept of programming to more advanced topics, such as Microsoft Foundation Class and .NET framework. As a result, you will understand the concept of native codes vs. managed codes. 

The tutorial is divided into four modules. The first module is to teach you the basic C++ programming language. The seond module is to teach you the object-oriented programming. The third module is to teach you how to develop C++ program using the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes). The last module is to teach you how to use the .NET framework. This step-by-step narration explains the programming tools, then helps you apply those tools directly and immediately to your own projects.

In addition, we will include the second CD as reference. This CD is developed for earlier version of Visual C++ .NET 2003 using Visual studio 2003. The concept can be applied toward the new version of Visual C++, such as 2005 and 2010. 


  • Master Visual C++ 2013 Quickly and Easily
  • Follow Step-by-Step Narrated Instructions
  • Learn Special Problems Solving and Techniques
  • Work with Dynamic Simulations, Not Sequential Static Displays
  • Up to 20X Faster than Learning from a Book
  • Download Example files to follow along and practice
  • Approximately 24 Hours training time


Module 1: Getting Started with Visual Studio 2012/2013

1.1 Overview of C++/CLI and .NET framework

1.2 Getting familiar with Visual Studio 2013 

Module 2: C++ Programming

2.1 C++ Variables and Arithmetics

2.2 Using IF..ELSE statement

2.3 Using Loops

2.4 Using Functions and Arrays

2.5 Using Pointers

Module 3: Object-Oriented Programming 

3.1 Class and Object

3.2 Constructor, Initializer, and reusability

Module 4: Creating Applications using MFC

4.1 Creating First Application using MFC

4.2 Using Basic Controls in MFC

4.3 Adding Variables to Control Buttons

4.4 Message Handling

Module 5 Creating Applications using .NET

5.1 Creating Application using .NET (part 1) 

5.2 Creating Application using .NET (part 2)

5.3 .NET  New Features: NET Structure and Operator Overload

5.4 Exception Handling in .NET

Exclusive Training Features:

  • Keyword Searchable: Quickly and easily search for topics by entering keywords
  • Smart Windows: Resizable simulation window for individual monitor viewing convenience
  • Teacher Friendly: Windows users can create and customize lesson plans with the information provided
  • Presentation ready: Simualtion can be easiy set for either Learning or Demo modes

* If Visual C++.NET 2012/2013 is currently installed on your computer, you may use it to practice along with Mastering Visual C++.NET; however, no actual Visual C++.NET program is needed to run the dynamic simulations on this CD!

Bonus CD - total of 22 lessons: 

  1. C++ Variables and Arithmetics
  2. Using IF..ELSE statement
  3. Using Loops
  4. Using Functions and Arrays
  5. Using Pointers
  6. Object Oriented Programming
  7. MFC Programming: Basic Features of Visual Studio 2003
  8. Using Basic Controls in MFC
  9. Message Handling
  10. Creating a Text Editor
  11. Using ActiveX Control and Common Dialog in MFC
  12. Using Graphics, ToolBar and Serialization
  13. Sharing Functionality w/ Other Applications Through DLL's
  14. Creating a new ActiveX Control
  15. .NET  New Features: NET Structure and Operator Overload
  16. Exception Handling in .NET
  17. Properties, Array and Collection Classes in .NET
  18. Delegates and Events in .NET
  19. Working with Files in .NET
  20. indows Forms and Basic Controls in .NET
  21. Using .NET Graphic Display Interface
  22. Advance Topic


1. Mastering Visual C++ 2013 CD-ROM
2. Mastering Visual C++ .NET 2003 CD-ROM 

System Requirements: 


  • Windows 10,  8, 7, Vista
  • Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
  • 32MB RAM
  • 10MB free disk space
  • 24x CD-ROM
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