Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training CD Course


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training CD Course

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training

A Must-have tutorial for every system users and system administrators

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 self-study training course will teach you how to implement, manage and maintain the SQL Server in 24 hours. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate. You’ll spend your time studying and learning the material, not tinkering with software. In addition, your schedule is your own. You can study as quickly or as slowly as you need to. By the time you are ready to launch a project, take the exam or attend a formal class, you will have all the tools, experience, and knowledge needed for success.




Table of contents

1.0 Getting Started with SQL Server 2005

1.0 Basic Concept of SQL (Structured Query Language)

1.1 Installation of SQL server 2005

2.0 Starting up SQL Server 2005 servers

2.1 Registration and connecting the server

2.2 Pause and stop the server

3.0 SQL Server Management Studio

3.1 Basic function of Server Management Studio

3.2 Change Window layout

3.3 Writing Transact-SQL code

3.4 Using template, programs and projects

3.5 Enhance efficiency by using HELP

4.0 Database management

4.1 Design users database

4.2 Create user database

4.3 Set up user database

4.4 Detach and Attach user databases

4.5 Online and offline user database

4.6 Compress user database and file

4.7 Delete an unused database

4.8 Export SQL script directly from SQL Server 2005 (new feature)

5.0 Management of Data Tables

5.1 Design user tables

5.2 Create user tables

5.3 Edit user tables

5.4 Delete user Table

5.5 INSERT statements

5.6 UPDATE statements

5.7 DELETE statements

6.0 Transact-SQL Data Queries

6.1 Understanding Common Query Language

6.2 Using a WHERE conditions Query

6.3 Using ORDER BY command in a query

6.4 GROUP BY queries

6.5 HAVING command in a query

6.6 INTO Command

6.7 JOIN query

6.8 Nested query

7.0 Index Management

7.1 Basic knowledge of Index

7.2 How to create an index

7.3 How to check index information

7.4 How to alter an index

7.5 How to delete an index

8.0 Views, Statistics and Synonyms

8.1 How to create views

8.2 How to maintain statistical Information of a database

8.3 How to create Synonyms

9.0 Stored Procedure and Trigger Management

9.1 Stored Procedure

9.2 Triggers and Trigger Management

10.0 Data Integrity

10.1 Overview of Data Integrity

10.2 How to reate and manage constraints

10.3 How to create and manage Rules

10.4 How to create and manage defaults

11.0 Security and License

11.1 SQL Server 2005 security mechanism

11.2 Login and User Account Management

11.3 Role Management

11.4 Permission Management

12.0 Backup and Recovery

12.1 Complete Database Backup and Recovery

12.2 “Integral + Logs” Database Backup and Recovery

12.3 “Integral + Difference + Logs“ Database Backup and Recovery

12.4 Database Recovery from Backup Files

13.0 Overview of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

13.1 What is Reporting Services?

13.2 Components of Reporting Services

13.3 Full Reporting Lifecycle with Reporting Services

13.4 Reporting Services Meets the Needs of Many


Specs and Support

Total training time: ~24 hours
Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in the DVD-case) 

System Requirements: 
Platform:  Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / 9x / NT
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher / G3 or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X




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