Quicken 2007 Training CD for Deluxe, Premier and Home/Business Edition


Quicken 2007 Training CD for Deluxe, Premier and Home/Business Edition


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Intuit Quicken 2007 Training CD for Deluxe, Premier and Home/Business Edition

The first training course to harness the full potential of Quicken personal and home business at your fingertips!


  • It is designed for new Quicken users without any prior knowledge of finance and accounting.
  • It saves your time and money by learning most useful features of Quicken in 30 lessons.
  • Step by step tutorial with clear voice, text caption and mouse click.
  • Concise, direct and simple training to make learning easy and fun.
  • A program to checkout before you commit to buy Quicken software.
  • A must-have tutorial for every Quicken Home/business users.
  • A self-paced course to design for you to learn at any time.



Training course for Intuit Quicken 2007:





Since 2001, Amazing eLearning has helped over 500,000 business owners and financial professionals to master ins and outs of QuickBooks. This new comprehensive training CD is the first in the industry to address need of personal financial management software. This self-paced tutorial will get you started and guide you to learn many new useful functions and features in a day. By saving many hours of your time, you can quickly apply the new functions to your current home or business situation and put the Quicken to work for you right away. Furthermore, you can keep this CD for future reference whenever you need it.

  • Comprehensive Training for all features of Quicken 2007 (Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home/Business).
  • Step-by-step Instructions.
  • Full screen for maximum viewing.
  • Clear narrated instruction makes learning a snap.
  • Interact with program to retain maximum learning.
  • Learn faster and retain more compared to a book or video




Lesson Plan:

Getting started with Quicken 2007

  • Install Quicken 2007
  • Set up Quicken initial financial data using Express setup
  • Set up your Home Page
  • Set up Investing Center
  • Set up Property and Debt center
  • Set up Business Center

Managing your Cash Flow Accounts

  • Enter and edit using your transactions using Cash Flow Center
  • Connect to your Online Banking
  • Automate Quicken
    • Quickfill preferences
    • Memorize Payee list
    • Schedule transaction list
    • Set up a paycheck
    • How to use calendar
    • How to use address book
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Analyze Cash Flows

Using Quicken Investing Tools

  • Investing Center
  • Investing Activities
  • Manage your investment accounts
  • How to download quotes and historical information for analysis
  • How to use Snapshot of your investments
  • How to use Portfolio Analyzer

Using the Quicken Planner to plan for retirement and major expense

  • How to use Quicken Planner
  • How to use Retirement Planner
  • How to use Debt Reduction Planner
  • How to use Financial calculators
  • Plan your future with budgeting and forecast
  • How to set up saving goals

Keeping tracking of your assets and debts

  • Add property and debt accounts
  • View and schedule loan payment
  • Update value of an asset
  • Record Depreciation
  • Set up Home Inventory
  • Use Emergency Record Organizer
  • Set up alerts
  • Track your net worth and account balance

Saving time and money on your taxes

  • Categorize tax items
  • Set up Auditing
  • Generate Tax reports
  • Get familiar with Online tax tools
  • How to use Tax Planner
  • How to use Tax Withholding Estimator
  • Set up Alerts Center
  • How to save money with Deduction Finder
  • How to take advantage of using Itemized Deduction Estimator

Managing your business using Quicken Business Center

  • Create invoices and make payments
  • Create new estimates and project/job lists
  • Issue refund, credit and financial charge
  • View Account, Print Invoices and track mileage
  • Use Quicken small business guidance and mini planner


Specs and Support


CD-ROM Content: Learn Quicken 2007 CD

Total Training Time: ~ 24 hours

System Requirements:

Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista
Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
24x CD-ROM driver
1024 x 768 Monitor resolution 

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