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eLearning Services

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    Our 5 step e-learning process gives your organization a rapid turnaround and high-quality product.
    We help you easily launch the online courses and track employee's performance.
    Immediately launch ready-to-go technical training courses to your organization without waiting for course development.

      Amazing eLearning is the leader in developing interactive computer training courses since 2001. Our mission is to deliver an affordable custom courseware with 100% on-time guaranteed services. Our clients can meet their budget requirements and easily grow their training libraries in less time with our 5 step course development cycle. Our friendly and dedicated personnel can assist you from beginning to end, and provide ongoing technical support upon project completion. Give us a call at (650) 579-6662 to get a free evaluation and demo.

      Our benefits:

    • Custom courseware or ready-to-go libraries
    • Interactive and dynamic contents
    • Low-cost hosted LMS
    • Cost-effective learning (no more travel expenses, classroom rentals)
    • Available anywhere and anytime
    • Track user's performance on each assigned course
    • Reduce service calls
    • Your employees and/or customers can handle minor issues without technical assistance

    From the start to the end of the project, we are committed to working side by side with your organization to achieve your training goals. Visit our training services and product demos to learn why we provide the best value on e-learning service or call us to give you a free consultation on your training needs.