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Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert Training

Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert Training

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Microsoft Excel 2010 Video Training

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level

Why learn the new features on your own if you can easily take our Microsoft Excel 2010 training courses to master the new version of the most popular spreadsheet program used worldwide. The self-study Excel 2010 training videos are cost-effective since everything you need to learn with is included in the course so you do not have to spend extra money on additional materials. We have certified instructors teaching our Microsoft Excel 2010 training course so that you get a quality and comprehensive education. After learning from our self-study Excel 2010 training videos, you will be a more knowledgeable professional and be able to use your skills to enhance your computer skills.



Microsoft Excel 2010 Training Outline:

Microsoft Excel 2010 Basic

1.0 Basic Excel Elements

Starting Excel
The Ribbon and the New Backstage
Opening an Existing Workbook
Opening a Recently Used Workbook
Creating a New Workbook
Saving Your Workbook
Closing a Workbook
Exiting Excel

2.0 Basic Excel Details

Scrolling With and Without Scroll Bars
Moving Around the Worksheet
Left Click vs. Right Click
Worksheet Tabs
Where are the Dialog Boxes?
Setting up the Page Layout
Previewing and Printing a Workbook
Getting Help

3.0 Selecting and Editing Techniques

Selecting an Entire Worksheet
Selecting a Range of Cells
Selecting Nonadjacent Cells and Ranges
Selecting Columns and Rows
Changing Column Width or Cell Height
Hiding and Unhidden Rows and Columns
Moving and Copying Data
Using Drag and Drop
Editing Information in Cells
Using Undo and Redo

4.0 Data Entry Techniques

Entering Information into Single Cells
Entering Information into Multiple Cells at Once
Deleting Information
Typing Text vs. Numbers
Learning AutoFill Basics
Using AutoFill Tricks

5.0 Performing Calculations

Understanding Formula Operators and Order of Operations
Using Real Numbers to Do Math
Using Cell References to Do Math
Letting the Sum Button do the Math for You
Creating Simple Formulas
Using Common Functions
Using the Insert Functions Dialog Box
Using AutoFill to Copy Formulas
Editing Formulas and Functions

6.0 Formatting with Fonts and Alignments

Changing the Actual Font and Font Size
Embellishing Fonts
Aligning Text Within a Cell
Displaying Text Vertically or at an Angle
Using the Text Wrap Feature or Wrapping Text Manually
Using the Merge and Center Tool

7.0 Formatting Cells

Putting Color into the Cell Background
Bordering Cells
Creating the Proper Number Format with a Click of a Button
Applying Number formats Using the Drop-down Tool
Copying Formats with the Format Painter
Using Built-In Styles
Applying Conditional Formatting

8.0 Working with the Excel Data

Finding and Replacing information
Sorting Data
Copying or Moving Sheet Between Workbooks
Inserting and/or Deleting Columns and Rows
Naming Ranges
Using Various Excel Views for Working Efficiently
Checking Spelling
Inserting Page Breaks


Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate

1.0 Multiple Pages, Worksheets and Workbooks

Viewing and Arranging Multiple Worksheet Windows
Linking Data Between Worksheets
Navigating in Multiple Workbooks
Linking Workbooks
Selecting Multiple Workbooks
Creating and Opening a Workspace
Freezing Panes

2.0 Creating Charts

Creating a Chart with Consecutive Data
Creating a Chart with Non-Consecutive Data
Moving and Resizing chart Objects
Deleting Chart Objects
Adding Titles and Legends to the Chart
Changing the Chart Type
Changing the Chart Colors
Displaying the Data Table
Using the Charting Tools
Printing Charts

3.0 Intermediate Formula Techniques

Using Named Ranges in Formulas
Using Absolute and Relative Cell References
Copying Formulas and Functions
Linking Worksheets with 3-D Formulas
Creating the PMT Function
Using the IF Function
Using the V-Lookup Functions
Using Nested Functions
Auditing Worksheets
Utilizing the Watch Window

4.0 Applying Additional Formatting Techniques

Using Comments in a Worksheet
Modifying Existing Styles
Using Special Number Formats
Creating Custom Number Formats
Using Themes

5.0 Organizing Worksheet and Table Data

Creating a Custom AutoFill
Creating Excel Tables
Sorting and Filtering Table Data
Sorting Data Based on Options
Removing Duplicate Records
Converting a Table Back to a Normal Cell Range

6.0 Inserting Graphic Objects

Inserting Pictures and ClipArt
Modifying Pictures and ClipArt
Drawing and Modify Shapes
Using SmartArt Graphics
Formatting Graphics Objects
Layering and Grouping Graphic Objects
Using the Screenshot Tool

7.0 Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Creating a Pivot Table
Filtering Data Using Slicers
Analyzing Data Using Pivot Charts

8.0 Finishing Details

Setting the Print Area
Hyperlinking to Other Locations
Saving the Workbook as a Template
Changing Excel Properties
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced

1.0 Recording and Using Macros

Showing the Developer Tab
Opening Workbooks containing Macros
Enabling Macro Security in Excel
Recording a Macros
Running a Macros
Understanding Absolute vs. Relative Recording
Viewing and Modifying Macros
Assigning Macros to shortcut Keys or to the Quick Access Toolbar
Assigning Macro to Buttons and Shapes
Creating a Macro to Automatically Run when the Workbook Opens
Deleting Macros
Saving a Workbook Containing Macros

2.0 Advanced Functions

Logical Functions
Nesting Logical Functions
Eliminating Extra Spaces within Data
Changing Text to Proper Case
Combining Cells using Concatenate
Extracting a Portion of Text from a Field
Changing a formula to a Value
Using the SUMIF Function
Database Functions
Displaying and Printing Formulas

3.0 Collaborating with Others

Protecting Worksheets
Protecting Workbooks
Sharing Workbooks
Setting Revision Tracking
Reviewing Tracked Revisions
Merging Workbooks

4.0 Working with Data Tools

Turning Text into Columns
Validating Data
Creating a Data Validation List for Data Entry
Consolidating Data from Multiple Locations
Working with Scenarios
Goal Seek
Creating Sparkline
Installing the Analysis ToolPak

5.0 Managing Data

Importing Data into Excel
Exporting Data from Excel
Creating Advanced Filters
Grouping Data
Ungrouping Data
Creating an Auto Outline
Clearing Groups and Outlines
Using the Subtotal Feature



Learning Anywhere and Anytime with Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorials

If you've been putting off getting the Microsoft Excel 2010 training you need because you simply lack the time or energy to attend traditional computer training classes, you'll love the convenience of the Excel 2010 training CD. Simply install the disc on your computer or laptop and begin learning about the major changes found in the 2010 release of Excel anywhere you happen to be and anytime you happen to want to study.

Regular classes can't compare to this format because with the Excel 2010 tutorial you get a front row seat to full screen demonstrations featuring instructor narration. You'll see the changes and finally figure out where all your favorite tools went. In addition to exploring the new interface, you'll learn about the new features and how to use Excel to its fullest. No matter what your current abilities are, you will find a course that will take you to the next level from beginning spreadsheet user to expert Excel user.

Instructor-led Excel 2010 tutorial videos give you a thorough tour of the Excel environment where you will see the features demonstrated and hear step-by-step explanations. Even if you haven't yet upgraded to the 2010 version of Microsoft Office, you'll get to explore the simulated environment and participate in hands-on exercises. By seeing Excel in action, learning what each function is for and how to use it, and practicing in a simulated environment, you will be well on your way toward mastering spreadsheet usage.

Best of all, all training takes place on either your computer or laptop for the ultimate in portable, anytime, anywhere study sessions.

The new version of Excel has undergone an extensive redesign which makes it tough for even seasoned users to get around. Using an Excel 2010 training CD is an ideal way for existing users to get their bearings and is even better for new users who want to learn Excel from the ground up.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel 2010 Training

If you work with numbers, chances are you also must use a spreadsheet from time to time. Do you know how to use your spreadsheets to their full potential? Excel has been the leading spreadsheet application for many years with many users knowing just enough to get by. Now that Excel 2010 has been redesigned, consider enrolling in a Microsoft Excel 2010 training course and moving beyond the status quo.

Not only does Excel sport a new look, it also has numerous enhancements. By learning and mastering Excel 2010, you will set yourself apart from everyone else. Rather than simply storing data in Excel, learn how to use the data. The powerful tools are waiting for you to use them. Enroll in a self-study Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial training course and learn what those tools are, how they can benefit you, and how to use them. You'll be able to analyze your numbers, not just enter them. As you become more proficient with using this application, you'll become more valued within your organization. Your new skills will allow you to work more productively. Your in-depth understanding of relevant data will affect your job performance for the better. By better understanding the data you work with, you'll be able to make better decisions, projections, and recommendations.

Microsoft Excel is a leading spreadsheet for good reason: it's a powerful tool. And, it's getting better and better. Many of the old limitations are gone making Excel more versatile than ever. Find out how each of the function of Excel works so that you can take advantage of these powerful features by taking a Microsoft Excel 2010 training course.

Excel training isn't just for newcomers to the Office suite. Anyone who uses Excel, even seasoned users can increase their knowledge on their own through self-study Microsoft Excel 2010 training.


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