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Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac

Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac

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Excel 2008 for Mac Video Training

Microsoft Excel 2008 is part of the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac suite of productivity business applications. A complete redesign from previous versions makes it necessary for both new and experienced users to get some form of training. The programs in the 2008 version of MS Office use the Open Document XML format making it easier to share information with Windows users. Your Excel files created on the Mac are completely compatible with the Excel 2007 version that your Windows-based colleagues use. But before you can begin creating spreadsheets and charts, you'll need to get familiar with the program.

One of the best products you'll find is the self-paced Microsoft Excel 2008 CBT. You'll get a firsthand look at Excel in action and see it demonstrated by a certified instructor without having to take time off from work to attend workshops and classes.

The Microsoft Excel 2008 training CD accomplishes this through the inclusion of full motion Microsoft Excel 2008 training videos. These videos feature an Excel expert who gives you a complete tour of the interface and teaches you how to use the features and functions that power the popular spreadsheet program.

With its new Elements Gallery, Excel has a new look. Some of your old favorite tools will be readily accessible while others will be hard to find. By exploring Excel via the self-paced Microsoft Excel 2008 CBT, you'll know where to find the tools and you'll discover new features along the way.

The Microsoft Excel 2008 training CD comes packed with interactive content, simulations, hands-on activities, and demonstrations. The entire course takes place on your computer according to your needs. You set the pace and can learn Excel as quickly or slowly as you need. Watch the Microsoft Excel 2008 training videos as many times as you want without the pressure to keep up with a rigid training schedule.

Many Excel users never bother to learn what the application is capable of and how to use those capabilities to maximum effect. With a good training program, you can master your spreadsheets. Make sure you know how to get the most out of Excel by selecting the Microsoft Excel 2008 training CD.

Excel 2008 for Mac Video CBT Features:



Microsoft Excel 2008 Basic for Mac

1.0 Exploring Excel Window
1.1 Exploring the Excel Window
1.2 The Elements Gallery
1.3 Opening and Closing Workbooks
1.4 New Blank Workbooks
1.5 Viewing Worksheets
1.6 Saving Workbooks
1.7 Exiting from Excel

2.0 Woorking with Cells Rows
2.1 Views of Excels
2.2 Entering Data in Excel
2.3 Column and Row Size
2.4 Selecting
2.5 Working with Cut Copy and Paste
2.5 Working with AutoFill
2.6 Inserting and Deleting Rows

3.0 Using Formulas and Functions
3.1 Understanding Formulas
3.2 Creating Formulas
3.3 Moving and Copying from Formulas
3.4 Using Functions
3.5 Showing Formulas

4.0 Formatting Worksheet Data
4.1 Formatting Numbers
4.2 Merging and Splitting Cells
4.3 Aligning and Indenting Cells
4.4 Borders and Fill Colors
4.5 Spell Check

5.0 Charts
5.1 Creating Charts
5.2 Editing Charts

6.0 Printing

Microsoft Excel 2008 Advanced for Mac

1.0 Worksheet Editing Technique
1.1 Renaming Worksheets
1.2 Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
1.3 Copying and Moving Worksheets
1.4 Grouping and Editing Sheets
1.5 Navigating Large Workbooks
1.6 Freezing Columns and Rows
1.7 Continuing Titles
1.8 Headers and Footers
1.9 Page Breaks

2.0 Using Excel Database
2.1 Setting Up Your Database
2.2 Using Data Forms
2.3 Finding and Deleting with Data
2.4 Sorting Records
2.5 Data Validation
2.6 Filtering Data
2.7 Creating an Outline
2.8 Displaying Subtotals

3.0 Advanced Formulas and Functions
3.1 Linking Formulas
3.2 Using Named Ranges
3.3 Using Names
3.4 The If Function
3.5 Financial Function
3.6 Hlookup Functions
3.7 Vlookup Functions

4.0 Protection
4.1 Protecting Workbooks
4.2 Protecting Worksheets

5.0 PivotTables
5.1 Creating a PivotTable
5.2 Formatting a PivotTable

6.0 Importing and Exporting Data
6.1 Exporting Data as a Text File
6.2 Importing Data From a Text File

Specs and Support

Content:  2 CD-ROM

System Requirements:

Mac OS Compatiable

G3 (or faster) or Intel Core Solo/Duo Processor


24 X CD or DVD-ROM Drive


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