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Mac OS X Panther Training Tutorial

Mac OS X Panther Training Tutorial

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Mastering Mac OS X Panther is a must have, step-by-step narrated simulation for the beginner, as well as a handy reference tool for professional Mac user..

This step-by-step training guides you through the latest Mac OS X features and enhancements, then helps you to quickly and easily to operate your "Apple"


Lessons Include:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Mac OS X Panther Basics
Lesson 2.Working With Files, Folders, and Applications
Lesson 3.How to Use the Dock
Lesson 4.Setting System Preferences Part 1
Lesson 5.Setting System Preferences Part 2
Lesson 6.Univerysal Access: Interfacing with Your Mac
Lesson 7.Installing and Removing Applications
Lesson 8.Connecting Online w/PPP, TCP/IP, Proxy, and Modems
Lesson 9.Surfing with Safari
Lesson 10.Setting Up Address Book and Mail
Lesson 11.Searching with Sherlock
Lesson 12.Setting up .Mac Online Services
Lesson 13.Getting Organized with Icalendar and Isync
Lesson 14..Itunes: How to Download, Organize, and Burn Music
Lesson 15.Iphotos: How to Edit, Organize, and Share Pictures
Lesson 16.Imovies: Create Your Own Movies!Lesson 17.Idvd: Make Your Own DVD's from Movies
Lesson 18.Networking with Windows-based Computers

Specs and Support

*If Mac OS X is currently installed on your computer, you may use it to practice along with Mastering Mac OS X. however, no actual Mac OS Xprogram is needed to run the dynamic simulations on this CD!

Requirements: Windows / Mac OS / Linux

System Requirements:


Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
10MB free disk space
24x CD-ROM

Mac OS:

G3 or higher
20MB free disk space
24x CD-ROM

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