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Mac OS X Leopard Training Course

Mac OS X Leopard Training Course

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Mac OS X Leopard Video Training

It's sleek. It's fast. It's a leopard! Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard boasts over 300 new features and improvements including a new desktop, Finder, Quick Look, Time Machine, iChat, Mail, Spaces, Parental Controls, and Boot Camp. With this many changes, do yourself a favor and get up to speed with leopard by choosing the self-paced Mac OS X Leopard computer based training course.

While it's fun to explore a new operating system and see what's new, it's even more fun to take a guided tour and learn exactly what's available, what the purpose for each new tool is, and how to use these features. That's what the Mac OS X Leopard training CD can do for you. A certified instructor will show you around in full motion video and explain everything you need to know.

You'll watch a series of Mac OS X Leopard training videos right on your computer. You can view these sessions as often as you want or come back later to freshen your memory. In addition, the self-paced Mac OS X Leopard CBT also features hands-on activities and simulations so that you can get firsthand experience working with the Leopard operating system - even if you haven't yet upgraded.

Use the Mac OS X Leopard training CD at your own pace, according to your own schedule. Whether you want a quick overview or are preparing for an Apple certification, choosing the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard training videos over traditional classes puts you in control of your continuing education. You pick the pace, you pick the content, and you decide when and where to study. Whether you have just a few minutes to spare each week or can dedicate several days to your learning, this course adapts and is ready whenever you are.

As you work through the course, you'll get hands-on practice and learn where to find each new feature. Because of the included simulations, you can get practical experience working with OS X Leopard before you make the switch. The Mac OS X Leopard training CD takes you to new heights - all at your convenience.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Training Video CBT Features:



1.0 Course Introduction
1.1 Introduction (click to see Our Instructor - Jason)

2.0 Installation
2.1 Installation Requirements (click to see our demo)
2.2 Pre-installation Tasks
2.3 Checking and Updating Firmware
2.4 Installation Process
2.5 Initial Configuration
2.6 Migration Assistant
2.7 System Preferences
2.8 Software Update

3.0 Disk Drive Configuration and Maintenance
3.1 Disk Utility
3.2 Erasing Hard Drives
3.3 Partitioning
3.4 Disk and Volume Information
3.5 Disk First Aid
3.6 RAID
3.7 Ejecting Volumes

4.0 User Accounts
4.1 User Accounts Overview
4.2 Creating Accounts
4.3 Parental Controls
4.4 Group Accounts
4.5 Login Options
4.6 Fast User Switching
4.7 Deleting User Accounts

5.0 Security Options
5.1 Keychain Basics
5.2 Multiple Keychains
5.3 Security System Pane
5.4 FileVault
5.5 Encrypted Disk Images
5.6 Secure File Removal
5.7 Resetting Passwords

6.0 File and Application Management
6.1 The Finder
6.2 Volume Hierarchy
6.3 System Resources
6.4 Application Types
6.5 Managing Applications
6.6 Activity Monitor
6.7 Force Quitting
6.8 Searching
6.9 Burning CDs and DVDs
6.10 Archives and Disk Images
6.11 Time Machine

7.0 Ownership and Permissions
7.1 Permission Basics
7.2 Sharing Files
7.3 Repair Permissions

8.0 Printing
8.1 Adding Printers
8.2 Adding Printer Drivers
8.3 Printing Documents
8.4 Custom Printer Settings
8.5 Printer Sharing
8.6 Creating PDFs

9.0 Peripherals
9.1 Buses
9.2 Connecting and Troubleshooting
9.3 Bluetooth
9.4 Peripheral Drivers
9.5 Syncing
9.6 iTunes, iPod, iPhone

10.0 Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
10.1 Network Ports
10.2 Network Locations
10.3 Configuring Ethernet
10.4 Configuring Airport
10.5 Configuring FireWire
10.6 Configuring Modem
10.7 VPN, PPPoE, 6 to 4
10.8 Link Activity
10.9 Network Diagnostics Tool
10.10 Network Utility

11.0 Providing Network Services
11.1 Computer Network Names
11.2 File Sharing Protocols
11.3 File Sharing Configuration
11.4 Screen Sharing
11.5 Remote Management
11.6 Web Sharing
11.7 Internet Sharing
11.8 Additional Services
11.9 Firewall

12.0 Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
12.1 File Sharing Protocols
12.2 Browsing and Connecting
12.3 Manual Connections
12.4 Screen Sharing

Specs and Support

Content:  2 DVD-ROM

DVD-ROM #1 Lesson 1 to 6 and DVD-ROM #2 Lesson 7 to Lesson 12

Packaging: Sealed Retail box as shown on the screen. This is the same one sold in major retail stores.

System Requirements:

Mac OS Compatiable

G3 (or faster) or Intel Core Solo/Duo Processor


24 X DVD-ROM Drive


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