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Frequently asked questions for eLearning Services
What is unique about our e-learning services?

Using the latest technology and more than 10 years of e-learning development enables us to create a fast, cost-effective and interactive training that ensures the end-user gets the maximum training needed for their jobs.  More than 60 computer-based training courses sold to professionals around the world encourage us to provide your organization with your e-learning expertise
We offer a free competitive quote after a through-analysis of your training needs.  This will help you to freely consult with your team before making a training decision. Our course development process guarantees an effective courseware within your budget and time limit.  

Amazing eLearning's business service features:

  • Fast and effective course development via online and/or media device
  • Course management and progress tracking through a customized learning management system (LMS)
  • Ready-to-go  business and desktop software training
  • Translation of content into different languages and customization of the content according to audience’s culture.
  • Quick upgrades and maintenance on your existing online course content

If this is your first time implementing e-learning in the company, what is the training development process from start to finish?

Our 5-step course development process consists of:

1. Analysis

  • A project plan is created based on learning objectives. 
  • An outline of all software and instructional design requirements is developed. 
  • A prototype is shared with the client for review of the final product.
2. Design & Development
  • A storyboard of the course(s) is created which includes all the necessary multimedia elements to achieve the best results for end-user training.
  • The storyboard is converted into a multimedia module.
3. Implementation
  • The training module is launched on the organization web server and/or hosted by our learning management system (LMS). 
  • Optional training for your organization to administer your courses.
4. Evaluation
  • Course progress is followed and quizzes are given to examine the end-users' course experience.
  • Certifications can be given to successful end-users.
5. Delivery
  • Course content is updated and scaled with more multimedia elements if needed.
  • Fully support your organization in any technical issues and questions emerged from the project.

What is the development time for a training module?

The average development time has a ratio of 30:1 or 30 hours per 1 hour of training.  This may vary depending on the complexity of the training outlined in the project plan.

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Can I update the training module content?

In addition to having us update your content, we can also provide authoring software training to your organization in order for you to update your own course content.

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What are the different training outputs you provide?

  1. Video training (no interactivity with end-user - for simple training purposes)
  2. Flash Training (learning interactivity with end-user – for critical training purposes)
These training outputs can be delivered in a multimedia device (CD, USB drive) or online through a learning management system (LMS).


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I get free upgrade if I purchased the title from other resellers?
2. Do you offer educational discounts for students or educators?
3. What are the benefits of using the sample files?
4. I am still having problems, who can I contact for help?

1. How can I get free upgrade if I purchased the title from other resellers?

Answer: you can get free upgrade as long as you purchased our Mastering training CDs no matter how long ago. There is no limitation of purchase date.

Please write a check of $8.95 to "Amazing eLearning" for shipping and handling
and mention which training CD you want to upgrade:

Mailing address:
Free upgrade
Amazing eLearning
500 Airport Blvd., Suite 100
Burlingame, CA 94010
2. Do you offer educational discounts for students or educators?

As an educational company, we do our best to make our training accessible to students and educators. We are happy to offer all students and educators a 50% discount on the purchase of our cd-roms, and we also offer educational volume discounts. Please mail your request to .
3. What are the benefits of using the sample files?

We offer free sample files to our customers without charge. The sample files are essential to learning. Once you learned the lessons from the tutorials, you need to open the computer software program and open the sample files to practice what you have learned.
4. I am still having problems, who can I contact for help?

Please use our Contact Form to write a detailed description of your system profile (i.e. what operating system you are running), what apps are running automatically at log-in, what type of computer, and the exact details of the problem you are encountering. You will receive a response as soon as possible. Please call 650-579-6662 (9am to 5pm PST).