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Excel 07 Video Training

Excel 07 Video Training

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Learning Anywhere and Anytime with Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorials 

If you've been putting off getting the Microsoft Excel 2007 training you need because you simply lack the time or energy to attend traditional computer training classes, you'll love the convenience of the Excel 2007 Training iPhone app. 

Instructor-led Excel 2007 tutorial videos give you a thorough tour of the Excel environment where you will see the features demonstrated and hear step-by-step explanations. Even if you haven't yet upgraded to the 2007 version of Microsoft Office, you'll get to explore the simulated environment and participate in hands-on exercises. By seeing Excel in action, learning what each function is for and how to use it, and practicing in a simulated environment, you will be well on your way toward mastering spreadsheet usage. 

Works offline too! 

Training Level: Basic to Intermediate

Table of contents

Creating a Basic Worksheet
1.1 Explore the User Interface and the Ribbon
1.2 Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
1.3 Navigate and Select in Excel
1.4 Enter Data and Save a Workbook

Performing Calculations
2.1 Create Basic Formulas
2.2 Calculate with Functions
2.3 Copy Formulas and Functions

Modifying a Worksheet
3.1 Manipulate Data
3.2 Working with Cells, Columns, and Rows
3.3 Search for Data in a Worksheet
3.4 Spell Check a Worksheet

Formatting a Worksheet
4.1 Modify Fonts
4.2 Add Borders and Color to Cells
4.3 Change Column Width and Row Height
4.4 Apply Number Formats
4.5 Using Styles

Printing Workbook Contents
5.1 Print Workbook Contents Using Default Print Options
5.2 Setting Page Breaks

Managing Large Workbooks
6.1 Format Worksheet Tabs
6.2 Manage Worksheets in a Workbook
6.3 Manage the View of Large Worksheets
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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