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Best Saving! Instantly take as many online training courses as you want! As low as $29.00 per month.
Desktop Online Training Library

Desktop Online Training Library

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Product Information 

If you're looking for the ultimate desktop elearning solution, you found it right here! The unlimited online desktop training library gives you 24/7 access to dozens of titles with fresh titles added regularly. Choose from affordable annual subscriptions and access these courses as often as you want. 

This e-learning option is one of the most economical choices available. Imagine being able to take a new course as soon as you complete another. With this unlimited online computer training library you can do so. You can even take several courses concurrently. No more waiting until your budget allows you to purchase another title, simply choose the online training title that you want to master and begin. 

The desktop training library is loaded with popular courses such as all of the Microsoft Office versions, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, Publisher, Windows Vista Business, Windows XP, Open Office, Novell GroupWise, Linux Desktop, QuickBooks Pro, WordPerfect, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, OS X Leopard, AutoCAD, and many more. 

Choosing an elearning subscription gives you unlimited access to these titles. Your productivity will soar as you master the desktop applications you use the most. Nothing beats having a certified trainer showing you what the software is capable of and how to use each application to its fullest. These courses accomplish just that. Each course is packed with full motion videos. You can learn by watching a certified instructor demonstrate the tasks! 

Our e-learning courses are completely self-paced. Anytime you want to learn, log on and participate in online computer training. Since you have unlimited access to the courses, you can take your time without worrying about falling behind. 

In addition, you can try out courses that you otherwise might not have chosen. For example, if you're fairly confident in using Microsoft Word, you can still benefit from the training and learn about the advanced features. With this unlimited subscription to online training, you can take as many courses as you want without paying per title fees. 

All that you need for success is an Internet connection and a computer. Log on and learn - anytime you're ready to tackle a new desktop application.

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